5 Reflex Sight For Low Budgets

It cannot be doubted that the world of shooting is dominated by the reflex sight. Keeping this in mind, it will be very right to say that having a glowing red dot on any gun has actually changed the way people invest in the firearms. Also it has opened new horizons for the people learning shooting.

The military use of the reflex sight has actually revolutionized the market. It has been for the first time that there are so many options available when it is about possessing affordable yet highly equipped and high quality reflex optics that one can always trust.

Companies like Sig Sauer and Vortex are offering high performance and low cost red dot sights to amuse their customers. Now that they have been around since several years and have gone through the fact that they in fact work smoothly, we can say there is a range high performance and low cost reflex sights.

It can be said that for all those who shoot, and specifically the new shooters, can enjoy shooting with red dot in a much better manner as compared to using iron sights. There remains no excuse for anyone to use iron sights only when the market has extremely high quality sights easily accessible at low cost. In this piece of writing, we have collected top positioned reflex sight for the money:

Aimpoint M4 2moa ACET CompM4 Sight:

Aimpoint is one of the best reflex sights against money. No doubt it is expensive however not at all overpriced. This is one of the red dot sights. It is also among those who actually brought electronic sight category to the users. This is one of the favorites of the militarizes around the globe.

With the ease of use, warranty, and ruggedness, its price is justified. It makes use of the AA batteries which works for around 50,000hours. This model is offered with anti-flash cover, a mount, and lens cover.

Different versions of this model are accessible in the market. They have different battery compartments, dot sizes etc. As this is the original model at cheapest price, hence it is best for one when one sets out to invest in to the red dot from Aimpoint.

Pros Cons
It is bomb proof It is expensive
It constitutes all the accessories It is larger in construction
Makes use of AA batteries
Long battery life


Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight:

This little reflex sight has become staple in few recent years. It is a 3moa red dot reflex sight that people adopt as one of their top favorite particularly the shotgun hunters. It is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy the ease and simplicity of usage with the red dot sight.

It has been well equipped with all the features that a traditional high red dot sight offers. It has been nominated to shoot the moving targets and situations at its best. The credit goes to low profile body, integrated base, 24/7 capable and parallax free red dot.

Though recoil does not hurt the sight however it is not capable of taking the same level anuse that high grade military models do.

Pros Cons
It is inexpensive Odd battery
Perfect ruggedness and price Adjustment knob is easily bumped and misaligned

Sig Sauer Romeo5 Compact 2Moa Red Dot Sight:

It has been generations that Sig is well known for producing finest pistols. They have now offered a new lineup of the red dot sights and riflescopes for the new generation. This new lineup offers same high quality and longevity as offered by the older features and designs.

In short, when you move the rifle, its scope turns on. It stays immobile when it is set down and the red dot switches on immediately. So if the optic is leaned up and you hear something at night, by the time you shoulder the gun the red dot is on and you are all set to shoot. I guess this is enough reason to buy this reflex sight. It is one of the top ranked red dot sights available in the market.

Pros Cons
Highly innovative Odd size of the battery
High value Brightness switch is hard


Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2 Red / Green Dot Sight:

If you are one of those shooters who can spend $ 1,000 on a reflex sight, then Vortex Optics Strikefire 2 Red / Green dot sight will serve the purpose best for you in every manner. Vortex is a wonderful company and enjoys a huge customer data base. They are value driven, innovative and make products that are always on the list of people who are tight on budget.

It has the quality of Vortex, its warranties, and designetc; in short, everything that Vortex equips its products with. It will be very right to say that it is perfect when one wants to have a red dot sign that one can always depend upon.

Pros Cons
Rugged Larger housing
Inexpensive Large dot is not good for long distance

Vortex Optics Sparc AR red dot:

It is one of the mini red dot sights that have gained popularity in recent few years. This is perfect choice for all those who are building rifle, pistol, or willing to have the compact and lightest red dot.

The best thing that this scope offers is that you are being offered with peace of mind and performance that is usually attained with Aimpoint but at a lesser cost.

Pros Cons
Small in size Heavier as compared to the competitors
Ready to mount
Reasonably priced


If you ever wanted to possess a red dot reflex sight but failed to justify the cost of these sights, then you have the list now. You will enjoy shooting with more confidence with your weapon.