Freelancers or SEO Agency- Which One Should You Hire?

We are living in a digital age that has revolutionized over the time to a great extent. This change has given us more opportunities than ever before. It has also made us capable of taking out a newly established business in front of a huge audience that is hungry for the product being introduced. All this happens when you work with professionals that take their years of experience in identifying the right audience for your business. They put your product in front of the people who have similar needs and wants. They are eager to have such a product to tackle their untapped need.

With whom should I work?

In order to market your business, service or product in the best possible way you cannot expect a single person handling all the business processes efficiently. You need to make a decision to either work with different freelancers in your team who can carry different operations of marketing your business online such as a freelance web developer, graphic designer, SEO expert, PPC expert and a Facebook marketing expert or you can hire a digital marketing agency to offer you a 360-degree solution.

Why should you hire a SEO agency?

Having various people in your team with a variety of experience may help you but it cannot take you to a long mile. In a complex business environment, freelancers cannot help you in the long run.

According to a reknown seo agency Brand Advokates,

You can hire a freelancer for logo designing or developing your marketing collateral but the experience that a digital marketing agency can bring in to keep your brand image consistent across all platforms can be hardly achieved when working with multiple freelancers.’

In such scenarios, it is better to trust a digital marketing agency to cater your digital marketing needs. Let us go over some areas where an entire digital marketing company can benefit you more than hiring freelancers for multiple parts of your projects.

1.      It offers more business exposure and opportunities

The exposure that one can gain from digital marketing companies is limitless. Such companies have the experienced workforce, resources and adequate knowledge that is required to run large campaigns that brings exposure for the brand in a timely fashion. This is not possible by working with a single freelancer. According to Hubspot, 74% of the total Facebook population uses the social media site for business purposes. This clearly shows that a good campaign here can give the business a boost.

Now the beauty of digital marketing companies is that they let you have equal opportunity. So, the exposure that a fortune 500 company enjoys with these 74% Facebook population can be equally enjoyed by you as well.

2.      SEO agency can be more cost-efficient

If cost becomes a restraint then you should know that there are also affordable internet marketing service providers that offers quality work at a nominal price. Since, the country in which they are operational are less expensive to live so they offer you prices that can be within your budget. For instance, you are a UK based business owner who wants to rank his flower boutique website in London and nearby areas. If you approach to a seo expert in London, he may charge you massive amount for the digital marketing services to rank you for your target keywords but if you approach an SEO company in Pakistan, the charges would be relatively half of what you will be paying to an individual seo expert in UK.

3.      Globalization can help you to choose an efficient resource

Globalization has removed the boundaries. The quality of work will remain the same only the resources utilized in both countries results in stark difference of the cost. Paying a nominal amount to an entire group of people with varied levels of expertise has never been as cheaper as it is now. Due to globalization, you can hire resources from another country where the cost of living is less. Hiring an individual freelancer comes with its own apprehensions. On the other hand, a company has to follow a set of standards to offer its services to the clients.

The experience of working with various freelancers can be troublesome as it requires team management skills. While hiring a seo agency can help you to enjoy your free time and take updates from a single resource instead of managing every freelancer individually.