How to choose best book lights for reading in bed

All bibliophiles have this one common problem- they can’t keep seem to put a good book down once they have started it. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 am in the night and they have to get up early to go to work. And while they have adjusted to this chosen lifestyle, the person living with them may find it difficult to adjust to it.  Therefore, it is essential for all book readers to choose the best book lights for reading in bed so that they can read their book without straining their eyes and without disturbing the other person in their room. Following are some of the parameters that one should consider before buying a book light:

Light and brightness

Brightness is the most important factor when choosing a book light. It is necessary to choose the light with the correct level of brightness, it should be bright enough to prevent eye strain but shouldn’t be overly bright either that it becomes painful to read or gives you a headache. It is better if a book light has a regulator so that you can adjust the level of brightness according to the task you need it for. Also, it is better to buy warm coloured bulbs as cool coloured bulbs are overly stimulating, especially when you use them before going to bed.

 Conveniently designed

It is essential that your book light is designed in a way that you can read all the words without having to twist or move the light repeatedly to get that perfect angle. You should, therefore, try out the book light by using it to see if it requires you to hold the book at an awkward angle before purchasing it.

Power source

It gets really frustrating when you are at the climax of your book in the middle of the night and suddenly the power of your book light goes off. Therefore, when you are looking for the best book lights for reading in bed, it is essential to read all about the battery life of your book light. Further, there are two types of batteries that are used in book lights, one is the removable AAA batteries and the other is the rechargeable battery. Hence, you choose the book light based on which one suits your situation the most.


While you can purchase a book light for a very cheap price, the branded ones cost very high. Hence, it is better to buy a book light with a warranty period so that you are assured that the durability of your book light is for a long period of time.

One should take into account all these factors into account in order to choose the best book lights for reading in bed. Book lights can be bought from a nearby stationary store or can be ordered online.