Important Things to Know About Underarm Hair Removal

Nowadays, having a clean, hair-free armpit is very common in the society with women making it a must to do. They make sure that they have hair-free armpit and some men are following the trend.

The history behind Underarm Hair Removal

The practice begins thousands of years ago where people hate seeing hair under their armpit and they always remove it. In some cultures, there is a popular belief that any woman who keeps the armpit hair is very dirty thus women always clear the hair just to look neat. Also, during the time of Prophet Muhammad (570-632), it was believed that clearing the pubic hair is a requirement for Muslim women and men just for personal hygiene reasons. This same custom arrived in the western world in the 20th century and people started practicing it as a form of personal hygiene.

Common Methods for Removing Unwanted Hair

There are numerous methods for removing unwanted hair from the body although the types can be divided into permanent and temporary methods. Below are some of the common methods used in removing unwanted hair.

Shaving: – this is the most popular method of removing hair because it is affordable, convenient and painless. It is always carried out by using a razor or shaving- stick that allows the removal of the surface hair. The disadvantage of the procedure is that it only removes the surface hair which makes it a setback because the process must be carried out frequently.

Waxing; – this is another method that is very common because it has a very good and effective result. Although the method is painful it has a long lasting result which may be for 4-6 weeks. For this method, it is very essential to visit a professional to carry out the process so as to get a perfect job done.

Electrolysis: – this is another method that is used in removing hair and this method is effective in getting the work done. Although electrolysis is a very expensive method of hair removal, it is a permanent method of hair removal. It does not only remove the surface hair, it also kills the root.

Laser: this is another form of hair removal that has been seen to be effective in the process and been used by lots of patients has it is painless and does not waste time. The method is expensive and needs the help of a professional that can be found in the right place like hair removal in New York.