Knowing more on the project of Juniper Hill Allgreen

Briefing on the project

Juniper Hill Allgreen is one of the recently completed projects by Allgreen Properties, that is located in the heart of Bukit Timah of Singapore. The total number of units in this entire housing project is about 120 and it spreads over to a gross floor area of 96,736 square feet. The basic facilities in each house include recent and trending interior architecture, three bedrooms, attached bathrooms and a kitchen, which would be suitable for families ranging from mid-size to the large sizes. This article basically speaks on why one should invest for a flat in Juniper Hill Allgreen.

Benefits to the residents

The following are some of the benefits that can be availed by the upcoming residents to this new housing project: –

  • The location is within good proximity to various of the basic amenities of life that can cater to the daily requirements of life. The attractive Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, National Orchid Garden, and Singapore Botanic Garden are found just a few minutes’ drives from the place. Health facilities and vibrant shopping destinations are situated quite nearer to the site location.
  • The location of Bukit Timah is well connected by all modes of transport and also has a good connection to the nearby airports and railway stations. Hence, going to and fro will be an easy affair for the residents.
  • A number of reputed educational institutions are located in vicinity to Juniper Hill Allgreen and hence parents will not face any sort of problem in searching for the best schools for their children. Even, the transportation costs get drastically reduced and hence good savings can be done by the family.
  • A number of good and attractive malls are located in the vicinity and these are well-equipped with all of the basic necessities. Hence, the style of living improvises for the residents and they can lead decent lives.
  • Food defines the lifestyle of various people. Keeping that in mind, Juniper Hill Allgreen has a number of fine dining places in proximity so that the residents can enjoy a number of delicacies and spend quality time with their near and dear ones.
  • Bukit Timah has amazing scenery in its neighbourhood that has become some of the recent tourist hotspots and hence the residents could spend a lot of quality time over there.

Worth an investment

Overall, an investment in this housing project would be one of the smartest choices as one would lead a decent lifestyle due to all of the basic amenities in vicinity, earn a good chance of huge potential resale value for the property in the near future, get exposure to various good business opportunities and last but not the least, enjoy the city life in liaison with the natural beauty surrounding it.