Seattle SEO Services- Advertising In A More Targeted Manner

Today in the era of intense competition, marketing is one of the most important tools for an organization to build up a relationship with its customers. With digitization happening at a massive scale and advent of a new smartphone savvy generation, marketing is reaching new realms. Organizations, big or small,  are now making efforts to make marketing strategies as personalized as possible for a customer and this is where local SEO comes into play for an organization whose primary customer base is the local population. Seattle SEO services, as the name, suggests aims at providing an advertising platform to a brick and mortar store or a business providing localized services. It advertises an organization to the customers who are doing location-based searches for a particular product or service in the area where the said organization is located. For more details visit

Why it is a must for developing business?

As per one of the studies done by Google, 46% of the searches done by a customer nowadays have a local intent like xyz services nearby me or xyz restaurant nearby me etc. These location-based searches are a major avenue for potential customers to be targeted by an organization.

Marketing done right

But how exactly this marketing is done, is something I will be dealing in the next few paragraphs.  First of all, Local SEO is not just about search engines. One can increase traffic on the website by way of offline communications too, thereby contributing towards social media likes which at the end may increase footfall on the website of the company, provided that is a mode of marketing. This all will increase, though indirectly, visibility on search engines.Now coming to the optimization being done at the search engine level, then one thing to be considered is that it’s not just the Google where all the SEO activities are targeted at, though Google has an estimated share of 87% of the market, yet people use other search engines as well to do the search activity like Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, etc. The first thing to be done is to optimize the online information available about the organization and to ensure precise and standardized information is available on all the online platforms to avoid any chances of confusion. For this Google, my Business is one of the prominent things to be adapted to give out accurate information about the organization’s location, working hours, contact details etc.

Another way to improve local SEO presence is by way of citations, whereby a third party website lists your business with details about things like web address, location, contact details etc, as a point of reference, like being mentioned on a food blog, travel blog etc. So it’s not just optimizing your address or your social media strategy; it’s all these things combined that we call local SEO. Seattle SEO services, thus not only increases the visibility for an organization but also improves the trustworthiness in the eyes of a potential customer who may be a local or a non-local one.