The Aws Certification Cost And Courses

The cost of AWS certification varies according to the certificate. There are many certificated and the Aws certification cost differs in each case. The Associate Level AWS Certification Examination cost is USD $150 wheres the Professional Level examination costs just double, that is USD $300.
Here are the few AWS Certification examinations and their cost.

  • The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Developer Associate costs $150, and the student has to attempt 65 questions in 130 minutes.
  • The AWS Certified Developer Associate costs $150, and the student has to attempt 65 questions in 130 minutes.
  • The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate again cost $150 and the time duration is 80 minutes.
  • The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner costs $100 and the time given is
    90 minutes

The AWS Professional Specialty Certification Examination costs $300 and time is
170 minutes.

How to clear the exams?

To clear every exam, a lot of study and dedication is required. Moreover, if you are planning to get good grades and not just pass the exam, there are a lot of preparations you need to do before attempting the exam. One must jin an online or offline community or et n touch with a senior for the same. Learning through a reliable source is very important. The student must choose to follow a blog, or blogs of the same. He should dedicate daily time for the same. Continuous ad smart work is the key to success in these exams.

What is the format of the exam?

AWS certification exams have multiple choice question and answers or have different answer formats. They are also multiple. Each of the questions will have four options and will include charts and graphics to elaborate properly. There will be multiple response questions as well which means the candidate has to select more than 2 answers for each question. Correct answers will be more than one. The questions will be complex and ambiguous to confuse the candidate and take out his in-depth knowledge of the subject. The candidate is advised to carefully read the instructions,s questions and then evaluate  the options.

The exam will be in the same format and for every question, the student has to mark one of the options given to him. A student can also skip one or two questions and solve it later. He can check his answers which are displayed on the screen and solve the skipped ones later.