The world of Internet to learn Quran Online


The internet is the global system of millions of computers that are interconnected to one another through the use of internet protocol suite. It is a network that is present in all places whether public or private, academic or business, governmental or general public, the use of internet binds us all in one huge circle. It is used through various means. It can be connected to a wireless network or a broadband connection through a wire. Now day your mobile handsets can also act as an internet source for others around you. The world of technology is advancing and it has many perks. Many tasks today are done over the internet. The internet has made the lives of people much easier.

Pros and Cons of the Internet

Everything has a good and a bad side, it depends on the person whether he uses it in the positive manner or the negative manner. The Internet can be used to scam others. The internet is filled with information which you can use for good purpose as well as a bad one. Most parents see it as an evil because according to them the stuff on the internet spoils their kid. What they fail to see is that it can also have a positive impact on their children. Children can use it to read books online or attend online lectures from professors around the world. In the modern world, religious teachings are also preached on the internet, for example, you can learn Quran online. There are scholars that would help you recite the Quran in the proper manner. Online tuitions for various subjects and languages can also be gained from the internet. It has become a source of income for a lot of people.