Things you would need while traveling with a parrot

Whether you are traveling by plane or a train or even planning to go for hiking you can definitely take your pet bird along with you. Some people may think that it will be a hectic job. However, it is not that tough. The owner can take their bird along with them without asking your neighbor a favor.

Here are some of the tips that a person might need and come in handy while traveling:

Get a bird carrier:

The bird carrier is an essential while you are traveling with a bird. A bird carrier works best for the smaller birds like Parakeets. Parakeet cages work fine as well. Bird carriers give you more time to interact with your bird. You can talk with them if you get bored if it can speak. It will help the bird to sleep while you are on the move. It is built like a cage so they will have that home like feeling and they will be more comfortable that way. You can also make them stay in the cage for some time before leaving for the trip so that they can get used to it. Check out this blogpost: to know more about Parakeet cages.


The owner must make their birds comfortable wearing a harness. If their bird is not comfortable wearing a harness, make it comfortable by having practice sessions at home.

While the bird is harnessed, never let it be on its own. Always have a close eye on the bird while it is harnessed.

Another point that the owner must consider is that they must not attach the bird to its cage. If the bird tries to escape or fly it would cause injury to the bird.

While putting a harness, make sure that it is not too tight as it would hurt the bird. In order to check if it’s right, the owner must be able to slip his or her finger through the harness.

Parakeet cages are fine for smaller birds. However, a harness is used for much bigger birds.

Train your bird:

It is very important that you train your bird before you travel. This point is important as the owner never knows which type of act might trigger their bird and act out. The owner must also consider the color of the cages. Some colors trigger the bird to act out and feel uncomfortable.