What Are The Mangosteen Fruit Health Benefits

Mangosteen is a purple fruit, also known as the purple mangosteen fruit.  It is an evergreen tropical fruit which is believed to be originated from the Sunda Islands of the Malay and the Moluccas of Indonesia. Mangosteen’s scientific name is Garcinia mangostana. It can be found mainly in Southeast Asia, Southwest of India and other tropical regions such as Puerto Rico, Colombia etc. there are parts of Florida where Mangosteen has been introduced.

The Mangosteen tree grows very tall, up to 6 to 25 meters which are roughly 19 feet to 82 feet tall. The fruit is purple in color, that is its skin. It tends to be tangy and juicy on the inside, somewhat fibrous with fluid-filled vesicles like that of any citrus fruit. The seed within the fruit is almond shaped and sized just like an almond as well.

Unlike many fruits which are used in the culinary world, and chefs experiment upon, the Mangosteen in rarely used. This is due to the fact that many impositions and bans are put on the import and use of Mangosteen fruit.

Why is Mangosteen banned?

In the US and many other countries, Mangosteen is banned to import or use. The US has banned bringing this fruit in the country as it is a tropical fruit and the use of it and care can be a tedious task, and if proper care is not taken consumers who consume the fruit can be affected with serious illness and diseases due to the tropical-ness of the fruit and the people who eat it must have the stomach to digest it.

Mangosteen Fruit and its benefits

No matter the ban in other countries, tropical countries especially in which the mangosteen is grown people use it for many of its benefits. Mangosteen fruit health benefits are plentiful, it can be used to cure a cold and flu and pain, it helps in reducing the cold symptoms overnight without any medicines as well as pain relief even of any surgery or any other surgery.

Mangosteen fruit health benefits as an Anti-Aging and anti-inflammatory. Helping one achieve that youthful glow and perfection. Any inflammation is cured with the citrus fruit. It helps neutralized any radical agent within the body causing any discomfort. Along with all these benefits, it is also good for Liver, Lungs and to help build immunity and fight against allergies, skin problems, chronic fatigue and much more. Mangosteen is very beneficial and helps the health grow and the mangosteen eater to grow.