Why Combi Boilers Are The Way To Go

Combination (combi) boilers bring together the functionality of both a central heating boiler as well as an instant multi-purpose water heater. The priority of combi boilers is to provide hot water. A combi boiler has all the working components contained inside a protective case and is usually used for a central heating system.

A combi boiler makes separate hot and cool water storage containers redundant. Since boilers of this kind heat the water at the main water system itself and the cold water is also taken directly from the mains itself. This appliance provides hot and cold water instantaneously.

The working of a combi boiler:

The gas supply is directed to the burners in the boiler, which are then activated depending on what switch you press back at your house. If you switch on the hot water tap then the burners are switched on and provide you with instant hot water. Whilst the burners operate there will be some amount of surplus heat produced (as a by-product). This heat is reused for the household hot water network.

The benefits of using a combi boiler:

  1. Cost efficient and saves energy:

Due to it being compact and possessing relatively less wiring, the installation cost is lower. Also, the combi boiler produces hot water on demand. When hot water isn’t needed; the boiler remains on standby. This reduces heat loss as you get hot water immediately. This helps saving money on your gas bills.

  1. No need for a separate pump:

Since combi boilers heat water at the source, when it provides you with hot water it provides you with the same pressure as at the main water system so you don’t have to buy and install a separate pump.

  1. Compact size:

Due to their compact size, they de-clutter your house and can sit innocuously in a small cupboard.

  1. A greener option:

They are an energy conserving green option. Since water doesn’t have to be stored in a separate storage unit to be used when needed; this appliance cuts down on both the gas used as well as the heat loss.

  1. Condensing boilers:

This kind of boiler reuses the heat within gases released as a by-product of the combustion process to heat water at the source. Heat exchangers are made use of to capture the latent heat and use it for heating water again.

Combi boilers are a great option for small and medium-sized families to provide them with 24/7 hot water at reasonable prices.